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About Our Startup Website Offer

Our startup websites are built using Google Site Technology which developed by Google to support businesses to own their own websites without spending so much.

They are great for displaying information and resources that are accessible to customers in diverse formats.

They can be used as:

  • School website
  • NGO & Foundation website
  • Clubs & Society website
  • Portfolio website
  • Wedding website
  • Hobby website
  • Events website
  • Personal website

Why Choose Our Startup Site

They are affordable, secure and very easy to maintain with almost zero cost

Great Features

It’s easy to tap into the other Google Apps like embedding documents, calendars, and spreadsheets.

Great Looking

We design our Startup Sites to look beautiful.  Every organization gets a website with great look and feel.


Encrypted connections with real-time file saving, built-in disaster recovery and more.

Big Storage

Loads of storage for Documents, Calendars & videos. All stored in google cloud servers.


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Google Site price is based on the number of pages and type of domain.
The fees below covers setup and design of the homepage (landing page). Extra page costs NGN 7,000


  • 24 Months .COM.NG domain
  • Lifetime hosting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Google Apps Integration


  • 24 Months .COM or .CO.UK domain
  • Lifetime hosting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Google Apps Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

We build many different kinds of websites with Google Sites. Corporate websites and intranet applications are best-suited for Google Sites because of the easy integration with apps like Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.

Yes, they are mobile responsive by nature. We create interactive features like slideshows, RSS feeds, mouse-over buttons, facebook badges, twitter feeds, and much more.

You can email them to us via or 

Country level domains like and .ng are cheaper and more available because there is no much demand for them like .com and the other international domains. Notwithstanding, they all work perfectly like the others

As fast as 2 days after you give us all the contents you need on the website.

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