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Social Media

Utilizing Social Media Is Important

Social media is external to a website, but is another way to connect with people on a daily basis. The customers might not visit your website every day, but will probably will login to check some form of social media, so why not communicate with them there.

Social Media

Creation Is the First Step -Starting an account will begin to establish the social media presence

Attractiveness – Did you know having an attractive social media page can also help your business flourish? If someone feels the page is outdated and/or doesn’t have the wow factor, it might not capture your audience. Having the correct information, banner, and profile icon could make all of the difference.

Frequency of Posts – The more you post, the more customers and/or fans can view what your business has to offer. Too many posts can be overwhelming and duplicate posts can be redundant, and ignored.

Different Posts – Diverse posts will shed light on the different aspects of your business. Posting a new product/service, an upcoming sale, and/or an opportunity to save money are all good categories for posts.

Feedback – Asking clients for feedback can sometimes be a tad bit scary for some, hence there might not be 100% positivity, but asking shows you care about your customers and the feedback may help your business grow.

Promotion – Promoting your social media page is very important. If you frequently post information on the page, and/or intend to, having your target market viewing what you share is pertinent.

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