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Taking Pictures

Best Tips on Taking Photos

Taking photos can be extremely hard at times because: you may not have the best camera, aren’t familiar with the correct camera setting to use, may not be able to get certain angles, or one of the biggest issues, capturing shots using the correct lighting.

A Few Pointers to Remember Before You Begin Taking Photos

Lighting is Everything – Try taking Photos Using Flash and Without Flash, Using Natural Light and Using Inside Lights, In Lighter Backgrounds and with Darker Backgrounds

Take Some Close Up Photos – Many people will zoom in on a photo – Especially a Product – therefore try to take a few close up shots so the camera captures greater details

Different Angles – Taking 10 of the same shot is not always necessary, capturing different angles and a 360 degree view will show the picture from many viewpoints

Backgrounds – Always attempt to take products in a White/Clear Background

Take A lot of Photos – Taking a lot of photos will only give you tons of different options to choose from when it’s time to select your website images

You May Need to Hire Someone – Spending the $ to hire someone may not be in the plan, but it may be necessary so you get high quality pictures

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